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How To Get Ripped Fast | Did You Know That IF You…

 how to get ripped fast3 Dieting And 3 Training Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Visit any bodybuilding and weight lifting forum and you’re sure to find common questions like,

  • How to get ripped fast at home?
  • How to get a six pack?
  • How to gain muscle fast?
  • How to get shredded fast??

Everybody is bent on learning the latest bodybuilding techniques. But have you even stopped to ask yourself: “What could I be doing wrong?”

Then read on as you’re sure to find some absolute gems in this artcle.

Building a six-pack, growing muscles, and getting a shredded body – like any other form of self-improvement – requires adding positives and subtracting negatives.  And between the two, very few pay attention to the latter.

Stop sabotaging your bodybuilding efforts!

Learn the 3 dieting and 3 training mistakes that are stopping you from getting the body you want.

Dieting Mistake #1 Eliminating Carbs From Diet

Carbohydrates – don’t you just hate ‘em?

But should you!?

Make no mistake about it: Stuffing yourself with chocolate-chip cookies, potato chips, and cheese-flavored fries makes it impossible to get ripped fast. But the other extreme – completely eliminating carbs – isn’t the muscle-building diet plan for getting the shredded body you’ve always wanted, and here are the reasons why.

After an intense workout, your body needs to rest and repair its muscles to get stronger.  And to do that, you need a good dose of carbohydrates. How’s your body supposed to cope up with the ‘beating’ if you eliminate carb-sources from your diet?

Drastically restricting carbs completely also slows down your fat-burning metabolism, something you want to keep going for hours after hitting the gym!   And here’s the worst part: It causes muscle catabolism – since you’re running extremely low on carbs, your body metabolizes your muscle tissues instead to produce energy.

Moreover, you could suffer from decreased testosterone levels; a compromised immune system; reduced ability to concentrate; and increased cortisol (stress-hormone) levels without carbohydrates in your diet.

On the other hand including the right amount of carbs in your diet is one of the keys to get lean according to Tim McComsey, a dietician, trainer, and HUMANFITPROJECT correspondent.

Lona Sandon, R.D., assistant professor of nutrition at UT Southwestern, recommends taking a small meal composed of carbs and protein about 30 to 60 minutes after working out, just when the body needs nutrients the most to repair, strengthen, and grow your muscles.


Dieting Mistake #2 Consuming Too Much Alcohol

You’re in your 20’s and at your prime, who doesn’t want partying at that point in their life!?

We’re not here to judge, we love having fun too.

But if you’re serious about losing weight and promoting significant muscle growth, you better keep tab of how much alcohol you take party boy!

The adverse effects of alcohol – impaired mental abilities, liver problems, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions – are

well-documented. But did you know that indulging on alcohol poses major problems for anyone wanting to get a ripped body and a six-pack?

Alcohol is one of the most popular ‘feel good’ drugs out there, but you won’t feel great about taking a lot of it once you read the facts below:


  • Alcohol has twice as many calories as protein and carbs at 7 calories/gram, just two calories fewer than fat (9 calories/gram)
  •  It lowers testosterone levels along with its fat-burning effect significantly, leading to slower metabolism, fewer muscle gains, and reduced muscle mass
  •  ‘Consuming an alcoholic drink increases one’s appetite’ says the findings of researchers from Denmark’s Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University


Dieting Mistake #3 Not Taking Enough Protein

Perhaps you regularly eat meat, fish, and other sources of protein.  Not to mention it curbs hunger pangs and promotes satiety.

But if you’re feeling hungry an hour or two after eating, you’re not consuming enough – this is how to gain muscle mass.  Protein is crucial for building muscles and keeping them lean. Even with consistent strength training, achieving muscle growth and even maintaining the muscle you already have is impossible without protein.

So how much protein is good enough?

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Take about a gram of protein for every kilogram of bodyweight.  Let’s say you weigh 180 pounds.  That translates to 81.64 kg of bodyweight, and you should aim to consume about 82 grams of protein day-in and day-out.

Keep in mind, however, that the rule of thumb above is just a starting point.  You need to adjust your intake as your weight changes, and you may even need to ramp it to keep up with your intense weight lifting routines.


Training Mistake #1 Indulging On Cardio

If you’re spending 45 to 60 minutes walking, jogging, or running on the treadmill, you’re doing it wrong!

Charles Staley – a master-level Olympic-style weightlifter, strength coach, and Director of Staley Training Systems – made a very convincing point. He said: ““If you want to know what type of physique results from a lot of aerobic exercise, attend a local marathon or triathalon.”

These endurance runners engage in a lot of slow and steady cardio, and yes they are very lean and thin.  But are they ripped? Far from it!

The problem with slow and steady cardio is that it creates a catabolic environment, slowing down the metabolism and causing your body to metabolize muscle tissues for energy.

Of course, completely eliminating cardio isn’t ideal either, especially if you want to get ripped fast.  A better cardio alternative to the usual running, walking, and jogging for about an hour is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which burns fat and leaves your muscle tissues intact at the same time.


Training #2 Too Much Volume And Weight

The gym is usually filled with newbies and post-beginners who go crazy trying to hit personal record every time they pick up weights.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about giving it your best when training.  However, putting your life on the line – increasing the intensity and volume way too much – won’t get you anywhere.  You’ll grind yourself in the dirt and burn out in a matter of weeks!

…also check out these exercises from Mens Health that you should build into your routine too, theyre great for ripping those abs.

Do you know the real secret on how to get shredded fast?

Be consistent! Don’t be the guy who pushed himself too hard and didn’t last long enough. Instead of focusing on hitting a personal record, focus on dishing out reps with the perfect form and the right amount of weights – heavy enough to challenge you but not the suicidal-kind-of heavy.


Training Mistake #3 Complicated Supplementation

Supplements to ‘get you ripped in 4 weeks’ – we’ve seen a lot of those, haven’t we?

While some swear by natural bodybuilding methods without any supplementation, there’s nothing wrong with taking energy-boosting and muscle-building stacks.  The right stack of bodybuilding supplements can give you that extra edge and firepower you need to reach your goals…but only if you take them on the regular!

However, it’s hard to keep it consistent when your stacks are unreasonably expensive and difficult to keep track of.  The end-result: You’re a few hundred dollars poorer after a few months with little to show for it.

Keep it simple and straightforward! buy only those supplements that have been shown to work time and time again, those that are value for money and provide results, like those linked below.